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Hangover Cures

Too much partying last night? Some tricks to try...

Staying hydrated while drinking is the key The main cause of hangovers is dehydration. When you drink alcohol it's diuretic qualities make your body expel more liquid than you drink. One way to avoid a hangover is to drink one bottle of water with every alcoholic beverage/shot you consume. Maintaining a one-to-one ratio of alcohol to water will keep you hydrated and stave off symptoms like dry mouth, vomitting and headaches, which are caused by ethanol consumption. However following a strict 1-to-1 ratio of drinks to bottles of water tends to have you spending most of the night visiting the bathroom.

The best solution to a hangover is always a compromise between how drunk you want to get and how well you want to feel the next morning. Try to not drink too much the night before, and do your best to keep hydrated with water. This may not cure your hangover entirely, but it will definitely ease some of the worser symptoms. Moderation the night before is really the key. Here are a handful of other hangover cures that you can try as well.


A definite helper the morning after a night of excessive drinking. Caffiene can help alleviate symptoms of hangover like tiredness and nausea.


Aspirin (acetaminophen or ibuprofen) can actually worsen the effects of alcohol. It thins the blood even more and puts stress on the liver, the organ in charge of detoxifying our bodies.

Gravol, Anti Nauseants

Anti Nauseants will calm an uneasy stomach. They contain dimenhydrinate, a drug that blocks the nerve impulses in the vomiting center and gastrointestinal tract to suppress nausea and vomitting.

A glass of salted water before bed

Salt contains potassium and sodium ions which are essential for the optimal functioning of nerves and muscles. Lack of sodium and potassium can result in nausea, fatigue and headaches.

Milk Thistle

Liver detoxicification breaks down toxins like alcohol into intermediate compounds. Next excretion occurs, which silymarin, the active ingredient in milk thistle, quickens. Milk thistle also contains vitamins B1, B6 and B12, which alcohol depletes. Milk thistle is available at drugstores and health food stores.

Recipe: Bloody Mary

Tomato juice and celery are full of vitamins. And a low dosage of alcohol will help alleviate alcohol withdrawal symptons.

Recipe: Prairie Oyster

Egg yolks contain cysteine which breaks down acetaldehyde, a toxic product of alcohol metabolism. High levels of acetaldehyde result in headaches and vomiting.

Cider Headache Medicine

"An apple a day keeps the doctor away". Apples are hailed for their potential health benefits. Apple cider is a good source of a few different minerals such as potassium, sodium, magnesium, calcium, phosphorous and iron.

Recipe: Banana Milkshake

Increased urintaion frequency means the body is expelling more salt and potassium than usual. Salt and potassium are necessary for proper nerve and muscle function. It's when sodium and potasiium levels get too low that headaches, fatique and nausea occur. Bananas contain electrolytes, magnesium and potassium, all of which are depleted when drinking. A banana milkshake sweetened with a little honey will replenish depleted blood sugar levels and help soothe that disruptive stomach.

Coffee - A definite helper
Salted Water
A glass of salted water
Bloody Mary
Bloody Mary
Banana Milkshake
Banana Milkshake
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